As Dew In April

IMG-20140417-01955A just born calf stumbles round his softly mooing mother. He knows he wants something, but doesn’t know what or where to find it yet. There are violets, primroses and forget-me-nots, and the first sharp bite from a fresh baby nettle; in other words, just a perfect April afternoon.

Summer Visitor

IMG-20140410-01919Admittedly it was just the one. Walking along the promenade beside the brightly painted beach huts, we looked upwards and saw him flying towards the shore. No familiar clicking or twittering yet, but I swear that particular swallow looked relieved to reach the land at last.


Surround Sights And Sound

IMG-20140406-01884April showers and sun have made primrose, yellow aconited paths. You can spy a bee on a bluebell, then (through gaps in the beech trees) see the Spinnaker Tower on the distant mainland hovering  above nearby fields of bright green velvet , all accompanied by the crystal clear notes of the thrush and the lilting skylark’s song.

Lost And Found

IMG-20140329-01848 At last, I’ve found a wild apple tree, blossom-laden, in an unprepossessing place and some perfect white violets too. Will this make up for failing to locate any wood anemones round here, or missing the sight of a hare in March? A little, but not quite enough.

Swan Upping And Away

IMG-20140312-01743Swans are absolutely beautiful (especially when angry) and sometimes a little comical too. Such power in those wings as they fly passed, necks outstretched, but their manner of taking off (those large black webbed feet running over the water) cannot help but raise a smile.

It Takes Two

IMG-20140402-01868Pairs of ducks and the ensuing ducklings are adorable and sweet, but the mating process is just too brutal. Give me jackdaws any day with their snuggling up on ramshackle roofs and balconies of ‘Members only’ yacht clubs; or perched on  telegraph wires sharing a piece of bread and eating it in unconscious synchronicity.

Glad To Be Grey

IMG-20140319-01766Golden, blue-skied days have all their obvious charms. But quiet grey days, when a poised heron blends equally into the sea or the sky, beguile even more. They are the perfect foil to the soft and bright greens of willow and chestnut buds that border the beach, with its soft lapping waves carrying the gentle hum of distant ships.

No 8 Horsepower Omnibus

IMG-20140325-01820It’s fairly enervating sitting on the top deck of the bus (right at the very front) as it swings round narrow lanes and  bumps along pot-holed roads. More bucking bronco than modern horsepower, but with a gallery view of gardens bursting into flower and old walled churchyards overflowing with primroses.