Pray for Prey

WP_20140905_08_38_31_ProThe tide is on the turn and already the keenest of the fishing fraternity is poised. They wait patiently, the weathered man with his green waders and rod; the elegant little egret and the stealthy heron with their crest feathers and assassin beaks.

Hot Dogs

WP_20140719_18_37_10_ProIt’s so incredibly hot, even (unusually) right through to the evening and night. The swallows, swifts and aquatic creatures of every type and species are happy, but the jackdaws sit on roof tops panting like little black dogs.

Hungry Birds

WP_20140706_21_16_08_ProA dozen white egrets fly in their floaty delicate way over my head, heading for the sunset and the Duver. The tide turned an hour ago and they’ll be getting ready to wade their yellow feet through the rock pools that gradually reveal themselves.